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Town Considers: Time to Dredge the Duck Pond?

by Harriet Kline

(June 12, 2003) At its June 11 meeting, the Town Board took care of a number of routine salary authorizations and money transfers for capital projects, tabled a decision to hire construction management services for the Volunteer Ambulance headquarters, and then took up the issue of the Larchmont Gardens Lake.

Gardens Lake Proposal

LakeGardens Lake (lovingly known as the "Duck Pond") was an artificial lake initially built by the WPA. It now serves as a retention basin for runoff from northern parts of Westchester County.

The County is currently planning to spend $250,000. to install a sediment collection capability. Councilwoman Phyllis Wittner proposed that the Town piggyback on the County's plan and improve the Lake's water quality by seeking federal EPA monies at this time. She estimated that the dredging would cost $790,000. The grant application would be for $400,000 of that cost. Monies for the rest would presumably be borrowed at some point in the future, if and when the grant was approved.

The possibility of the dredging grant brought on much Board discussion as to the future of this Larchmont landmark. There were many questions: When will we have to dredge again (the Town dredged the Lake in 1987)? How will the dredged material be disposed of? If we place it on the perimeter of the lake, how much water will diminish? Do we really want to maintain this property as a lake? What if we do nothing? Councilman Ernie Odierna was particularly concerned with the long-term benefit and cost of the dredging proposal.

In the end the Board resolved to go ahead with the grant application process but suggested that it may choose to withdraw the application on the basis of additional information and discussion.

Weaver Street Accident

The Board heard E. Reidy of 33 Weaver Street relate the tale of yet another automobile accident on June 6, presumably caused by a driver disregarding traffic signs and making an illegal turn from the Ferndale Shopping Center onto Weaver Street. "The car landed in my front porch no more than 10 feet from where my daughter and I were sitting in our living room," said Mrs. Reidy.

She also indicated that a similar accident occurred about a year ago with a car landing in her neighbor's front yard. Mrs. Reidy produced photographs of the accident and proposed that the entry/exit to the shopping center be closed.

The Board was very sympathetic and promised to (1) improve traffic sign enforcement at the site and (2) bring the matter to the attention of the Town Traffic Committee.

Free Concerts

The Town has scheduled a number of free summer concerts in Memorial Park: Mondays July 7, July 14, July 21 and July 28.

The next meeting of the Town Board is scheduled for Wednesday June 25.


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