Ragamuffins Take Over Larchmont Avenue

photo essay by Ned Benton and Judy Silberstein

(October 25, 2003) The Ragamuffin Parade was a huge cooperative effort. The weather cooperated, as did the Larchmont Chamber of Commerce, Larchmont Retail Merchants' Association and Larchmont Fire and Police Departments to put on the annual event that draws hundreds of parents and children to the march down Larchmont Avenue. At Village Hall, the firefighters gave out hot dogs, sodas, treats and smoke detectors while those in the crowd munched, schmoozed, showed off their costumes, or snoozed.

An engine on loan from the Yonkers Fire Department led the parade down Larchmont Avenue. Firefighters of all sizes, ages and experience joined in.

Paraders marched or strolled,
rode or napped
through the event.


Volunteer Fire Lieutenant
Dennis Del Borgo offered
free smoke and
free smoke detectors.

Thanks to donations from Larchmont Nurseries and the attention of the Beautification Committee, the gazebo in Constitution Park was decked out in time for the parade.


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