Man & Dog Rescued After Falling Through Ice Into Reservoir

by Judy Silberstein

(February 16, 2009) Four firefighters in cold suits rescued a Larchmont man and his dog who had fallen through the ice into the frigid waters of the Larchmont Reservoir at around 9 am on Monday, February 16.

According to Town of Mamaroneck’s first deputy fire chief, Brendan Collins, the dog’s owner called 911 at around 8:45 am and reported the dog had run onto the ice and fallen into the water. When the Mamaroneck Town police arrived, they attempted – unsuccessfully – to prevent the man from heading onto the ice. He made it out about 50 feet from the dam, reaching the dog, before falling in himself. Rescuers were prevented by the ice from using a boat to reach the two.

Ultimately, firefighters equipped with cold suits jumped into the water and retrieved both the man and the dog.

ice rescue
TMFD firefighters in cold suits practice ice rescue teciniques. (See: Fire and Ice at the Duck Pond)

“One of the most dangerous things we saw was that the dog – in his fright – was pushing the owner under the water,” said Deputy Chief Collins. “It would have been much better if he had waited for help.

The man, who had been in the water for around 10 minutes, was taken to Sound Shore Medical Center along with the four firefighters who rescued him. One of the four went underwater during the rescue and had his suit fill with water; the others were evaluated as a precaution, reported Deputy Chief Collins. The firefighters were released by 1 pm and returned to full duty.

The dog, a beagle-pug mixture named Roxy, was taken to the Village Animal Hospital in Larchmont. The dog was reported to be fine; condition of the owner was not available as of Monday evening.

The dog owner "was very luck that we were able to get him out of the water quickly,” said Deputy Chief Collins. “With the warm temperature we’ve been having, the ice is very thin.”