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Sherwood's for Ribs and More

by Jonny Benton and Austin Shea

Great food, a good atmosphere, and a courteous staff are what make Sherwood's one of the best places to eat in Larchmont. Sherwood's, famous for its ribs, also boasts a variety of other quality foods that vegetarians or people who don't like ribs can turn to and still have an excellent dinner.

Sherwood's has a very rustic feel to it, like being in a nice log cabin. Its dark lighting gives it a very intimate feel. It has a very nice looking bar. Though we are too young to enjoy the bar, the quality of the food keeps our mind focused on eats rather than drinks.

My companions and I start our meal with an appetizer, the legendary buffalo wings. "Get the wings or you don't deserve to live," is what one happy customer, David Jenkins, declared after coming under the influence of some of the best wings we've ever tasted. Buffalo wings aren't the only appetizers, though. Large salads, big enough to be a meal on their own, share the menu and can be a nice option for any vegetarian who comes to Sherwood's.

After our healthy portion of wings, we move on to the main course. We each order the large plate of ribs, which comes with a side of french fries. The ribs are amazing. We strip the bones of their meat, and not a bit of food is wasted. Diner Nic Palar can only describe the ribs as "finger lickin' good."

thumbs up for Sherwoods Although ribs are the most popular item on Sherwood's' menu, they are not the only entree worth eating. The sirloin steak is a viable option and vegetarians can find refuge in the veg-tex burrito and the vegetarian chili.

If there is room in your stomach after the main course, you can move on to dessert. "The Tollhouse Cookie is the best dessert ever," David Jenkins exclaims. One employee confesses that when the batch comes out of the oven, the whole staff is there to get a whiff of the famous Tollhouse cookies.

When it comes to great dining in Larchmont, Sherwood's is one of the first restaurants we consider. It's a great place for kids or dates, and with their fair prices and hearty portions, Sherwood's won't break the bank. We give Sherwood's five big "golden forks," our highest rating.

Jonny and Austin are MHS "rising seniors" who enjoy the finer things in life.

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