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1942 Year in Review

Year in Review interprets Larchmont history year by year. Larchmonters speak for themselves through news reports, pictures, and official documents.

Dedicated to local men and women who gave their lives for freedom in World War II

  David B. Anderson
  Edward V. Berggren
  Charles L. Berry
  Robert Bishop
  Charles J. Boyle, Jr.
  John F. Brady
  Wilbur R. Buckingham
  Ronald A. Cargill
  Pasquale J. Carino
  Clement L. Cassell
  William B. Croll
 Anne Kathleen Cullen
  Randall Dobbs
  Charles F. Dolan
  John W. Ehret
  William J. Farrington
  Kenneth J. Foster
  Robert E. Frye
  Thomas B. Hilton
  Woodrow W. Johns
  Joseph L. Kane
  Richard M. Kemper
  Mervin A. King
  Richard B. Knight
  Ivers W. Lawrence
  Roger P. Lyon
  Walter R. Manny, Jr.
  William A. Mather
  George W. McElroy, Jr.
  Joseph F. Meyers
  Charles F. Mitchell
  Hamilton F. Morris
  Fred P. Motz, Jr.
  Luke J. Murtha
  Clark A. Neal
  Frank J. Roma
  Frank A. Russum
  Vito C. Sabato
  James G. Schaefer
  Richard A. Schmidt
  Lawrence S. Scofield, Jr.
  Joseph J. Sganga
  Richard J. Shea
  William Harvey Smith
  William Hugh Smith
  Vincent L. Stouter, Jr.
  Thomas D. Sullivan
  John Thomson
  Andrew Edward Tuck 3rd
  George H. Walker
  Kenneth Whiting
  Robert F. Zimmerman

For Larchmont, 1942 was a year of transition from peacetime to wartime, in support of the nation's defense. After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the United States declared war on Germany, Japan and their allies, and Larchmont felt the impact.

Locally, young men volunteered and were drafted into service. Local defenses were put into place, including air-raid drills and school evacuation plans, as Larchmont was designated a "priority target" in the region. Other local efforts in support of the war included rationing, scrapping of metal needed for armaments, and the entertainment of soldiers stationed in the area. The local newspaper, The Larchmont Times, published an Editorial in August 1942 that captured the sense of the community.

Yet Larchmont also faced its regular challenges, such as responding to neighborhood flooding, selecting a new principal for Chatsworth School, planning a library expansion, and dealing with the bankruptcy of a local bank.

Many of the articles reproduced here are illustrated with posters obtained from Northwestern University Library's World War II Poster Collection.

  Editorial: Local Men in the War
  First Casualty: Bobbie Bishop, on Torpedoed Merchant Vessel
  Hospitality: Entertaining the Troops in Larchmont Homes

Local Defense
  Larchmont Designated as a Priority Enemy Target
  Larchmont's Home Defense Course
  The All-County Black-Out Drill
  Courier Training

Entering Service
  Draft Announcement

  Announcement of the New Rationing Rules
  Larchmont's Trolley Tracks to be Scrapped
  Rules for Use of Telephones
  Why Save Tin Cans?
  Larchmont Yacht Club Contributes Civil War Cannons

  Murray Avenue School Evacuation Plan
  A New Principal for Chatsworth Avenue School

  Seven Inches of Rain Inundates Streets and Cellars
  Mass Meeting Set for Flood Sufferers
  Flood Sufferers Organize; Promise Suits for Damages
  Editorial: Water, Water, Everywhere

Larchmonters' Recollections
  Paul Andersen: World War II Comes to Larchmont

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