Neptune silhouette by sculptor Paul Jennewein at Boston Post Road entrances to Larchmont

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1922 Year in Review: Larchmont dedicated Village Hall, decided to establish the Larchmont Library, opened Murray Avenue School, and the police raided the local chicken farm. L.F. Van Zelm published 10 cartoons that featured the local residents and businesses.

1942 Year in Review: Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the United States declared war on Germany and Japan and their allies. In Larchmont, young men volunteered and were drafted into service. Local defenses were put into place as Larchmont was designated a "priority target" in the region, including air-raid drills and school evacuation plans. Other local efforts in support of the war included scrapping of metals needed for armaments, and the entertainment of soldiers stationed in the area.Yet Larchmont also faced its regular challenges, such as responding to neighborhood flooding, selecting a new principal for Chatsworth School, planning a library expansion, and dealing with the bankruptcy of a local bank.

1954 Year in Review: The local scene was influenced by many external events and issues. The community struggled with the plans for construction of the New England Thruway. The shoreline was buffeted by natural events such as Hurricane Carol, and by extraordinary events such as the crash of a jet fighter near Manor Park. The School Board announced a major expansion of the High School.

Larchmont Then and Now

Larchmont Gazette presents excerpts from

Larchmont Then and Now: A Photo History by Anne Marie Leone and Judith Doolin Spikes

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Detail from "The Fire Department Runs Out Of Gas On Its Way To The Fire" by L. F. Van Zelm.


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