Personalized Fun for Winter with Family Guess Who Game

As winter grips the Midwest with its icy embrace, cabin fever has Family Guess Who in my household. Summer, with its leisurely walks, beach trips, and deck-side popsicle indulgences, seems like a distant memory. Perhaps I’m just averse to the cold, but I find that winter demands an extra effort to keep the family entertained.

Thankfully, one of our winter strategies for creating memorable family moments involves taking trips to visit relatives, especially during the holidays. While our children adore spending time with their cousins, it often means embarking on long car journeys, frequently close to mealtime. McDonald’s Happy Meals have become our trusted companions on the road, bringing not only delight to our kids but also providing them with a well-balanced meal that keeps their hunger at bay and ensures a harmonious family time.

We are particularly thrilled that McDonald’s has brought back Cuties as one of the side options for Happy Meals. Cuties are a family favorite in our household, and we always keep a stash of them on hand. Our kids devour them eagerly, and I had to grab an extra one for Piper during a recent photoshoot to prevent her from snatching it from the frame.

Happy Meals and Cuties ensure that our kids remain satiated, even in the face of winter’s cold bite, sparing us the ordeal of dealing with hangry children. Once hunger is no longer a concern, we can shift our focus to enjoying quality time with our little ones. One of our beloved winter activities is playing board games, and we’ve amassed quite a collection over the years. However, I’ve longed for a Family Guess Who game, ever since I created this project.

I used my Silhouette software to craft this personalized version, and if you don’t have a cutting machine, don’t fret – you can still create the game pieces by hand. Begin by downloading the free version of the software. Once installed, select the picture of the family member you want to feature in your game. Measure the space available on your Guess Who board (we found ours at Goodwill) and create a square of the same size. Overlay it on the face and, under the “modify” tab, choose “intersect.” Don’t forget to include their names and assign distinct colors. Keep in mind that you’ll need two of each face for the game.

Craft larger cards for the picking phase, and your personalized Guess Who game is ready to play.

To see this game in action, you can watch Gavin and me in the video below as we have a blast playing it. We also discuss our love for Family Guess Who. It’s quite amusing to hear the questions we posed to each other, such as, “Is your family member young or old?”

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