2 Players, 2 Coaches & 1 Ump Honored By Larchmont-Mamaroneck Little League

Last month the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Little League (LMLL) conducted its annual year-end awards ceremony at Lorenzen Field in Larchmont, prior to the final game of the 2010 Baseball Majors Division championship series.  The LMLL presented its annual awards to players, coaches and an umpire who epitomize the spirit of youth baseball and softball.

This year’s winners are:

Daniel Marcus Sportsmanship Awards:  Michael Haas (baseball) and Isabelle Zucker (softball)

George Allen Coaching Awards:  Eric Waldron (baseball) and Tim Cannon (softball)

Stephen Spina Umpiring Award:  Robert Valente

Front: Michael Haas and Isabelle Zucker, Marcus Award winners; Middle: Michael Hofmann, LMLL Baseball Majors Assistant Commissioner; Robert Valente, Spina Award winner; Bill Nachtigal, LMLL VP – Baseball; Alan Wolfson, LMLL Baseball Majors Commissioner; Emily Marcus; Steve Marcus; Back: Eric Waldron and Tim Cannon, Allen Award winners.

The Daniel Marcus Sportsmanship Awards are the only individual player achievements recognized by the LMLL, and celebrate a “graduating” Little League baseball and softball player who have demonstrated sportsmanship, teamwork and maturity during their Little League careers.  The awards honor the memory of Daniel Marcus, a Larchmont Little Leaguer who loved baseball and who exemplified these characteristics.

The Stephen Spina Umpiring Award is presented to an umpire in competitive baseball or softball who has been judged to be the LMLL’s most exemplary, based on the following criteria:

The award honors the memory of Stephen P. Spina (1971-2007), a beloved former umpire in the league.

The George Allen Coaching Awards are presented each spring season to a coach in Baseball Majors and a coach in Softball Majors whom have been judged as their respective division’s Coach of the Year, based upon the following criteria:

The awards honor the memory of George Allen (1947-2007), a former coach and dedicated LMLL Board member.

The Players

The players exemplify the essence of what baseball and softball are all about.  “Michael Haas and Isabelle Zucker were selected based on their commitment to good sportsmanship, character and teamwork,” said Eric Marks, president of LMLL.  “We received a number of nominations for each of these individuals. This shows how remarkable an impression they made on their team, their coaches, and others with whom they came in contact” he said.

The Ump

According to many LMLL coaches, it is no surprise that Robert Valente was selected for the umpire award.  “In addition to making the right calls, he takes the time to explain the nuances of  baseball rules to the kids,” said Carol Barrella, whose son was playing in the final championship game.  “He makes an effort to get to know the players, truly seems to enjoy his time behind the plate and leaves a good impression on the kids and the parents,” she said.

The Coaches

Finally, Eric Waldron and Tim Cannon were selected for baseball and softball coaching awards. “Eric and Tim exemplify what we seek in our coaches,” said Marks.  “They are totally committed to their teams, and create a great experience for all of their players, no matter where they fall on the talent spectrum.  Eric and Tim set a great example for the kids.  They help their players to develop skills, to love the game, and, most importantly, to have fun and learn life lessons through baseball and softball.”

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