Salami Pickle Rolls for School Lunch

These delightful Salami Pickle Rolls are a fantastic and uncomplicated lunch option that will surely delight your kids! I’m thrilled to team up with Post-it® Brand products to introduce this creative back-to-school lunch idea.

To create these savory treats, slices of pickles are delicately wrapped in salami and tortillas, securely fastened with toothpicks.

Time is ticking, and my kids will be starting school in just a little over a month. A mere 30 days away! It’s hard for me to fathom, particularly because my little Quinny Coo will be attending school for the entire day. The past five years, she’s been my constant companion, so it’s quite a challenge to picture her away from me for 8 hours daily. Gah!

To add to my apprehension, she’ll be managing lunch on her own. Yikes! This is the same child who eats at a snail’s pace and needs some gentle persuasion to complete a meal. She’s not just finicky; she’s a leisurely eater. I’m quite anxious about lunchtime at school.

Hence, I resolved to devise some school lunch concepts that will truly captivate her. My little girl adores salami pickle sandwiches, but she consumes them at a snail’s pace. So, I decided to transform that sandwich into these delightful bite-sized snacks. When she laid eyes on them, she was overjoyed. They hardly survived the photoshoot. In fact, she devoured them as soon as I finished, despite having already eaten lunch. It was a miracle, and she exclaimed, “I love them! You get pickle in every bite!”

A school lunchbox containing Salami Pickle Rolls, along with olives, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries.

Because I’m going to miss my dear Coo Bear so much (as a side note, Piper has been affectionately calling Quinn “Coco Bee,” and it’s absolutely adorable), I’ll probably be including notes in her lunchbox regularly, thanks to some handy Post-it® Notes. Are you like me? Do you have a multitude of Post-it® Notes strewn throughout your home, ready to be used for any and everything? I adore them because they adhere to almost anything but can be effortlessly removed without leaving any residue. We use them for various purposes, such as marking important dates in my calendar, using them as bookmarks (which I absolutely love!), and sticking notes all over the place to remind my kids to put on pants. I wish I were kidding.

An image of a unicorn backpack with a note from mom.

These Post-it® Brand products are an ideal way to keep us organized for the upcoming school year – a much-needed assistance. We discovered a wide variety of Salami Pickle Rolls to aid in our organization endeavors.

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