The Breakfast Delight with Bacon Cheddar Sour Cream Waffles

Start your day with the perfect breakfast treat – Bacon Cheddar Sour Cream Waffles! Whether it’s for a special holiday brunch or just a relaxing weekend morning, this recipe is a winner. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Horizon to bring you this fantastic dish!

These waffles, adorned with a golden brown hue, are stacked high and crowned with a dollop of sour cream and bits of crispy bacon.

For my family, Easter is perhaps the only major holiday without any well-established traditions. But we’re working on it! In recent years, we’ve designed elaborate scavenger hunts for the kids, complete with rhyming clues leading to their Easter baskets. In these eggs, we’ve hidden spare change. As a self-proclaimed Treat Police, I can’t fathom having an excess of Easter candy when Halloween leftovers still linger around.

Aside from our Easter egg hunts, I’ve been thinking about introducing a grand Easter brunch this year. Brunch, in my opinion, is the ideal way to celebrate any holiday. Not just because it means mom gets to enjoy a mimosa, but there’s something special about preparing a variety of decadent breakfast dishes, a bountiful fruit spread, and a generous serving of thick-cut bacon. Brunch exudes a celebratory vibe like no other.

So, when Horizon approached me to create an Bacon Cheddar Sour Cream Waffles recipe, it had to be a brunch recipe! These waffles are an absolute delight, featuring Horizon Whole Milk, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, and, to take it up a notch, bacon. As I grow older, I’m increasingly convinced that bacon can enhance just about anything.

While most of the pictures showcase these delectable waffles adorned with sour cream and bacon crumbles to provide an instant visual cue, I couldn’t resist adding a shot of maple syrup cascading down the sides. That bite was pure magic, reinforcing the belief that bacon and maple syrup are culinary soulmates.

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