Delicious Breakfast Braid Recipes to Start Your Day Right

The Breakfast Braid might appear extravagant, but it’s surprisingly simple and absolutely scrumptious! This delightful creation combines fluffy eggs with peppers, and the bread element boasts a golden brown allure.

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Let me share some wonderful news with you: my oldest child is thriving at his new school. I had been quite anxious and concerned. Switching schools at the age of 8 is a significant change. I worried he wouldn’t make friends, especially since he’s quite content with his own company.

The first day of school had us holding our breath.

However, he quickly made friends—many friends. He returns home from school with a beaming smile, sharing stories about his new buddies and their recess adventures.

The Horizon Cheese is expertly shredded and sprinkled into the whisked eggs.

My motherly heart is now bursting with love for this kiddo who effortlessly found his place, even though he had concerns. We had concerns too.

The night before his first day of school, I took a rock he adores, scribbled “YOU’VE GOT THIS” with a Sharpie, and placed it in his pocket. It was a little piece of home and a reassuring voice in his head throughout the day. After all, we all need that, don’t we? Our mother’s voice cheering us on when we’re anxious or facing challenges—I know I do.

And he did it. He nailed it.

Now that we’ve addressed that worry, let’s discuss satisfying these hungry little ones.

My children have voracious appetites, and I’m constantly on the hunt for dinner and breakfast options. So, here’s hoping the Breakfast Braid can be your solution for both. It’s a breeze to put together. Just preheat your oven, whisk some eggs, and add Horizon Whole Milk and Horizon White Cheddar. Let me tell you, the Horizon White Cheddar has an exquisite flavor. Piper couldn’t resist eating it by the handful while I was taking these photos. It melds perfectly into the eggs and has become my new favorite Horizon product. So delicious!

Next, sauté some vegetables in a pan, add the eggs, and braid it all together. The prep for this meal takes just about 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of baking. You’ve got yourself a 30-minute meal. It’s a perfect fit for our busy school mornings, but if you’re tight on time, serve it up for a leisurely weekend brunch or an effortless weeknight dinner!

A slice of the Morning Delight Braid on a white plate reveals the fluffy eggs and diced red peppers in the center.

This recipe is highly customizable! You can toss in some breakfast sausages or swap out the veggies for different choices. I used store-bought refrigerated crescent roll dough, but if that’s not your thing, you can always use homemade pizza dough. Just a side note, there are some organic refrigerated dough options on the market that are worth exploring—real time-savers!

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