A Delicious Morning Treat with Breakfast Calzones

Introducing these delightful Breakfast Calzones, a fantastic and simple morning meal option, perfect for feeding a group of hungry kids. We’d like to express our gratitude to Jennie-O for their support and inspiration in bringing you this article.

A question has been on my mind lately: When do you decide to abandon a book? I find it particularly challenging to give up on a book, especially if it’s by an author I’ve admired in the past. I tend to cling to the hope that the book will improve, but the reality is that it often results in me not reading anything at all.

This predicament has led me to ponder, when is it time to throw in the towel? I’ve been “reading” a particular book for nearly four months now, whereas a good book usually takes me less than a week. I’ll sacrifice sleep, my favorite TV shows, and even work to devour a compelling story. However, this book is a different story. (I won’t reveal the title, as I hold the author in high regard.)

The reason I can’t finish it is because I dislike all the characters. I find it challenging to root for anyone in the story; they all seem to be rather miserable individuals.

But what if that’s the author’s intention, and I’m simply not grasping it? I yearn to move on and find a book where I can genuinely care about the characters and wish for their well-being. Any thoughts or book recommendations?

Now, moving on to something unquestionably worth savoring: breakfast! Our Breakfast Calzones feature Jennie-O’s Lean Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links, which are not only delicious on their own but also infuse these calzones with an abundance of flavor.

These calzones make an ideal choice for a quick weekday breakfast. Just cook the sausages in approximately 10 minutes, scramble some eggs, and hand your little ones a calzone as they rush out the door. They also make a great snack for the afternoon.

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