Mac N Cheese Breakfast Casserole for Breakfast

Introducing a delightful and satisfying twist to your morning routine with this Mac N Cheese Breakfast Casserole. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Horizon to bring you this scrumptious breakfast idea! Plated on a pristine white backdrop, this casserole boasts savory chunks of sausage, perfectly cooked eggs, and crisp sliced red peppers, all accompanied by a side of luscious strawberries and plump grapes.

As the summer season arrives, it seems like our children’s appetites become insatiable, and their taste preferences more selective than ever. Managing the cravings and whims of picky, hungry youngsters can be quite the challenge. They’ll pester you endlessly for a snack, lunch, breakfast, or even a mysterious “snlufast” (the combination of snack, lunch, and breakfast, of course). Oddly enough, none of your offerings seem to appease their growing hunger, making the situation even more exasperating.

Placed in a charming blue casserole dish, our Mac N Cheese Breakfast Casserole showcases a delightful medley of sausage, Mac and Cheese, eggs, and those vibrant red peppers.

This heightened hunger might be attributed to the increased playtime and their constant presence at home during summer break. Nevertheless, it’s only June, and you may already feel like you’ve exhausted your culinary creativity. Hence, I’ve embarked on a mission to discover new meals that not only satisfy their taste buds but also provide a balanced blend of protein, veggies, and carbs. And, naturally, they should be effortless to prepare.

On an elegant white plate, the Mac N’ Cheese Breakfast Casserole features those delectable sausage chunks, perfectly cooked eggs, and crisp red pepper slices, complemented by a side of fresh strawberries and succulent grapes.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Mac N Cheese Breakfast Casserole checks all those boxes! It’s nothing short of amazing. What’s more, my kids are perpetually enthusiastic about Horizon Mac N Cheese. They adore it and would willingly devour it for every meal if given the chance. This casserole incorporates two boxes of Horizon Mac N Cheese, sautéed veggies, eggs, and breakfast sausage, resulting in a burst of flavor that’s simple to prepare and undeniably delicious.

And did I mention that it’s Mac N Cheese for breakfast? That’s right!

In summary, this Mac N Cheese Breakfast Casserole offers a delightful and filling twist to your breakfast routine. It’s the ideal solution for satisfying your family’s morning hunger pangs.

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