Introducing Pumpkin Spice Homemade Granola Recipe

Introducing our delectable Pumpkin Spice Homemade Granola Recipe! Savor the delightful essence of pumpkin spice in this irresistible homemade granola, a testament to how effortless it is to craft your own. This variation is a simple twist on our classic Homemade Granola recipe, showcasing its incredible versatility.

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Meanwhile, shall we dive into this tantalizing Pumpkin Spice Homemade Granola Recipe? It’s so incredibly scrumptious that I had to relocate it from my kitchen in a hurry. Is granola a healthy option? Yes, as far as recipes go, it’s a pretty wholesome choice. However, like everything in life, moderation is key, and consuming an entire batch of homemade granola in a single day might not bode well for my jeans. It’s that good.

Ingredients for Our Granola Recipe

Instructions for Crafting this Granola Recipe

  1. Prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  2. Combine all your wet ingredients: oil, honey, brown sugar, pumpkin spice, and vanilla extract. Ensure they are thoroughly blended.
  3. Add the dry ingredients, omitting the golden raisins – this includes the oats and nuts.
  4. Spread the mixture onto the baking sheet and bake.
  5. After baking, break it into pieces and fold in the golden raisins.

This recipe makes for an excellent breakfast, especially during this season, and it’s remarkably straightforward to prepare. Only a few minutes of preparation and some baking time are needed. Moreover, it fills your kitchen with a delightful aroma!

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