A Delightful Treat with Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip

Indulge in the delightful world of Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip, a mouthwatering treat that’s unbelievably easy to whip up and absolutely scrumptious! This dessert is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and here’s a little secret: it only requires four simple ingredients.

Have you ever witnessed kids, in our case, Gavin (7 1/2 years old) and Quinn (almost 4), attempting to include a beloved character named Elliot in their imaginative adventures? This captivating story began during my pregnancy with Piper, when Gavin crafted Lego figures for each family member, complete with their own set of armor. The miniature figures represented us, including Elliot and Piper, and became the protagonists in epic battles.

Soon enough, I could hear the kids playing outside, armed with sticks, engaging in imaginary confrontations, always with Elliot firmly on their side. You might even catch me sighing wistfully at this point.

Grief, in all its complexity, is a formidable and multifaceted force. While I typically try to maintain a positive outlook, acknowledging that thoughts shape our reality, I can’t help but call grief exactly what it is: a beast. Grief lurks in the most unexpected corners, pouncing on you when you least anticipate it. It shakes you to your core and lingers in your life. I’ve learned to coexist with this beast, but it remains a formidable adversary.

That’s why I find this playtime equally heartwarmingly beautiful and profoundly saddening. It warms your soul while simultaneously tugging at your heartstrings, making you want to retreat to your room with a bottle of wine.

Another facet of grief is that each person faces their unique beast, and these beasts can’t compete with each other. So, my children have their own grief journeys. Gavin grapples with having two younger sisters whom he undoubtedly adores, but, let’s face it, sisters can be a handful. He also yearns for the brother he didn’t get to have. Quinn, on the other hand, hasn’t quite plunged into the depths of grief yet, and we can’t predict how her beast will manifest. But she’s entitled to her grief as well. We all are.

As I sip my coffee in the kitchen and overhear the kids from the living room shouting, “Come on Elliot! Let’s get ’em!” I simply listen and allow them to grieve, or not, in their own way, doing whatever they need to do to remember their brother. This bittersweet mix of sadness and happiness can be perplexing, but it’s part of our reality.

And then, I indulge in endless servings of Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip, a delightful way to lift the spirits.

Now, if you’re ready to steer the conversation away from the complexities of grief and dive into the world of Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip, I’m with you.

You might recall an earlier version of this dip from my Instagram posts. Let me confess, I made this S’mores dip no less than five times. Yes, five! The initial attempt involved a Milky Way S’mores Dip, which, unfortunately, just didn’t hit the mark. But no worries, my friend Sarah came to the rescue.

The Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip, however, is an absolute game-changer! It’s incredibly delectable and a breeze to prepare. The best part? You only need four ingredients to make it! I opt for cherry pie filling for its sheer convenience, but if you prefer making the cherry component from scratch, check out this recipe for all the details: Mini Cheesecake for Two.

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