A Healthy Snack with Lighter Caramel Apple Pie Pops

Introducing Lighter Caramel Apple Pie Pops, a delightful two-ingredient treat perfect for the little ones. We’re thrilled to partner with Yoplait to share this fantastic snack idea that offers endless possibilities!

These pops sport a creamy off-white hue and are perched on wooden sticks, making them a delightful sight.

Lately, things have been a bit challenging with our first kiddo, the kind of challenge that can make you doubt your parenting abilities. The sort of challenge that leaves you feeling drained at the end of the day, wondering if you’ve run out of tricks up your sleeve.

It’s probably a mix of life changes and family stress, combined with a growing desire for more responsibility and yet, still being a kid who’s told what to do most of the time. It’s frustrating.

One evening, in the midst of a meltdown, I decided to change the course. We hopped into the car, just the two of us, and ventured to the grocery store (a solo grocery trip with one child feels like a vacation!). Standing in front of the Yoplait section, we started brainstorming flavor combinations for these lighter yogurt pops.

And it was a game-changer! Before this, he wouldn’t even talk to me, but suddenly we were there, discussing what flavor combinations would be most amazing. With over 100 Yoplait flavors, the options were endless.

I decided on a mix of Lighter Caramel Apple Pie Pops, embracing my foodie spirit. Meanwhile, my kiddo excitedly chose more than a dozen other combos for different pops.

These pops were pure magic. Not only did they mend things with my grumpy child, but they were also the first frozen pops I managed to extract from the molds successfully! #ParentingWin

This concept has so much to love: combining two Yoplait flavors to craft a unique and personalized frozen treat. It’s a magical and fun experience for kids to create their own flavors, a super easy “cooking” activity, and a wholesome snack due to the reduced sugar and absence of aspartame in Yoplait.

Gavin’s favorite combo was Original Red Raspberry and Original Blackberry Harvest, and I even allowed Piper to have one for breakfast. She thought it was the best thing ever!

Side note: Isn’t my little girl the cutest when she enjoys a frozen pop?

Confession: I adore recipes that aren’t technically recipes. Simply take two original Yoplait flavors (or explore their Greek 100 yogurt and Whips! for more variety), mix them, and pour them into molds. Alternatively, you can go for a super combo by combining four flavors, which will yield seven pops from about four original 6 oz containers.

Welcome to your family’s new favorite snack!

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