A Refreshing One-Ingredient Treat with Watermelon Granita

One single ingredient is all it takes to create this delightful Watermelon Granita. While I may share plenty of photos in this post, I promise you that the result is worth it because watermelon is just so visually appealing!

People often wonder how I manage to juggle a full-time job, work from home, and take care of my three young children. To be honest, there’s no simple answer to that question. It’s a combination of factors: having a supportive husband who encourages me to work outside the house occasionally, maintaining a strict schedule for my kids’ naps and rest time, and having remarkably patient children who play independently while I prepare food, write posts, schedule social media, and take photos.

Watermelon Granita is a fantastic treat that requires just one ingredient.

Now, let’s talk about this Watermelon Granita. It’s a simple and refreshing dessert, typically made by freezing fruit puree with a touch of sugar. The first granita I ever made was just apple sauce, honey, and a little lemon juice, and it was delicious. However, the watermelon I used this time was so ripe and flavorful that it didn’t require any additional sweeteners. If you want to add a twist, consider blending some pineapple chunks or a bit of lime juice with the watermelon. The process is straightforward: blend the fruit, pour it into a large pan to create a thin layer (about half an inch thick), and freeze it. Once frozen, scrape it with a fork and serve it in the watermelon shell. You can enjoy it immediately or cover it with aluminum foil for later. It’s a simple, healthy dessert option.

While photographing this Watermelon Granita, my daughter Piper couldn’t resist sneaking a taste.

Now, back to those photos. In a challenge to capture a frozen treat in the middle of a Wisconsin summer, next to a bright sunny window, everything seems to melt quickly. So, you’ll find quite a few pictures in this post, but it’s a testament to the miracle of preserving this fun dessert.

So, there you have it – a simple, one-ingredient Watermelon Granita that’s perfect for beating the summer heat. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it just as much as my daughter Piper did, as she enthusiastically clapped for more and more of this delightful treat.

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