Simple microwave recipe with red white and blue fudge

This Patriotic Fudge is a breeze to prepare in the microwave and will surely impress your guests with its red white and blue fudge, adorned with matching sprinkles.

Imagine this scene: it’s dinnertime, and I’m in the kitchen, dressed in my workout gear (not the most appropriate attire for the occasion, I admit). While I hit the gym hours ago, I usually find myself in the wrong clothes at the wrong time, desperately needing a shower. The kids are safely tucked away in the basement, engrossed in their TV shows, giving me the space I need to prepare dinner.

Nathan, just returning from work, calls the kids upstairs after a series of shouted commands to turn off the TV and join him. Laughter, screaming, and running ensue, with occasional moments of sibling rivalry that can border on homicide.

The layers of our Patriotic Fudge are carefully stacked, and they proudly feature vibrant red white and blue fudge.

As I summon the troops to come down for dinner, I sneak away to change out of my workout clothes. The situation appears perfectly ordinary. I notice that Gavin isn’t with the group, but his bedroom door is closed, and I assume he’s lost in some world of ninja fantasies, as per usual.

I’m in my room, safely behind a closed door, leisurely selecting my attire—actually, I’m now unclothed. And then, out of the blue, the tall laundry basket that had been unceremoniously dumped on my bed, scattering its contents all over (a typical sight in our household), suddenly springs to life, and Gavin jumps up, screaming, “BOO!”

I let out a scream so deafening and sustained that Nathan rushes upstairs, fearing the worst. Meanwhile, Gavin is now lying on my bed, laughing so hard it looks like he might cry. As for me, I’m huddled in my bathroom, with only my head peeking out around the door, yelling at him and making various empty threats that my trembling body can hardly back up.

After I regain my composure, get dressed, and serve grilled pizza to the kids at the table, as we have just about ten minutes before we must rush off to baseball (summer, you’re supposed to be relaxing, right?), Nathan makes an offer to the kids:

“I’ll give five dollars—scratch that, ten!—to the next kid who can make mom scream like that again!”

I promptly make Gavin swear never to scare me in my bedroom when I’m alone, as he’s eight years old and wouldn’t want memories of his mother in the buff. He agrees, saying, “Okay, I promise. If you’re alone in your room, I won’t scare you. But if both you and dad are in there, well…”

Nathan and I respond in perfect harmony:

“Nope. That would be even worse.”

Now, let’s talk about this fudge. It’s incredibly straightforward, requiring only three sentences to describe:

This fudge is so simple that all you need to know is this! It’s incredibly easy and can be customized with any flavor you like. Just add some extract to sweetened condensed milk before creating the various color layers with red white and blue fudge. This recipe follows the same basic principle as my Rainbow Fudge but adds a patriotic twist for the Fourth of July. The great news is that you can adapt the colors to fit other occasions, whether it’s Christmas or a graduation party with school colors.

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