Baja Chicken Tacos for Weeknight Dinners and Parties

These Baja Chicken Tacos are brimming with delicious flavors, making them the perfect choice for both weeknight dinners and party gatherings. Partnering with Gold’n Plump has allowed us to bring you this fantastic taco recipe, and we appreciate your support in making Wine & Glue possible.

I’m part of a book club, or at least I used to be. Initially, my three amazing friends and I would read books (or pretend to read them) and then spend five minutes discussing them before transitioning to sipping wine and engaging in life’s conversations. Nowadays, it’s mostly just about the wine and life chats.

An overhead photo of the Shakers’ Jamaican Chicken

One of our favorite hangout spots for our “book club” gatherings is a fantastic taco place. Their menu features unique, non-traditional tacos, and one of my top picks is their Baja Taco, complete with a citrus slaw and avocado salsa. Can you imagine the mouthwatering experience? I certainly can, to the point that I might be a tad embarrassed about how my descriptions make me salivate while writing blog posts. But hey, it just means I’m passionate about my work.

So, when Gold’n Plump introduced me to their new SHAKERS line, including a Jamaican-flavored option, I knew I had to create some Baja Chicken Tacos for you all.

The SHAKERS are truly impressive. They are crafted from all-natural chicken breast meat from chickens raised without antibiotics – ever. This assurance makes me feel great about serving them to my family. Additionally, they are fresh, never frozen, and incredibly easy to prepare. Just pour the chicken into the bag with the included seasoned breadcrumb packet, give it a shake, and pop it in the oven. In under 20 minutes, you have a meal ready to enjoy. It’s a game-changer.

The SHAKERS are available in five enticing flavors: Savory, Sweet Chili Jamaican, Honey BBQ, and Chipotle Adobo. While they shine in these tacos, they are equally perfect for whipping up a quick and easy kid-friendly dinner alongside some veggies.

But let’s dive into the details of these tacos. As your Jamaican chicken cooks, you can quickly prepare a citrus slaw and mash up some avocados for the avocado salsa. Then, it’s all about letting everyone assemble their own tacos, creating a delightful and mouthwatering experience.

For more delectable recipes using SHAKERS, be sure to follow Gold’n Plump on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy these Baja Chicken Tacos with guacamole and lettuce slaw wrapped in soft tortilla shells, and elevate your dining experience.

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