A Delicious Dinner Option with Cali Alfredo Enchiladas

These delectable Cali Alfredo Enchiladas make for an easy and delightful dinner choice, promising ultimate comfort food on a blue plate. These Alfredo Enchiladas are generously filled with oozing cheese and crowned with a luscious layer of spinach.

I’m thrilled to share that I’m now a proud ambassador for Chuck E. Cheese’s, the sponsor of this post, and the source of inspiration behind these fantastic Alfredo Enchiladas. The recipe can be found at the end of this article, but first, let’s delve into the inspiration.

I’m excited to announce my role as one of Chuck E. Cheese’s new brand ambassadors, known as Chuck E’s Champions! Earlier this month, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Dallas, Texas, to gain insights into the recent transformations at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

During my visit, I discovered numerous changes that have taken place at Chuck E. Cheese’s over the last two years. The most significant revelation was their complete menu overhaul. This is truly exciting news! The CEO, in a candid conversation, expressed his vision of making Chuck E. Cheese’s a place where parents genuinely enjoy spending time, not just tolerate it. And he understood that it all begins with better food.

Enter Chef Gregory, a classically trained chef who has worked wonders with the C.E.C. menu. The revamped menu is a far cry from the pizza you might have considered lackluster in the past. I’m a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, and Chef Gregory’s creations left me utterly impressed. The Mac-Cheesy Pizza and the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza are both outstanding options, but my absolute favorite was the Cali Alfredo!

The Cali Alfredo is a delightful adult-oriented pizza topped with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, cheese, and Alfredo sauce. It’s a culinary masterpiece and the inspiration for the Cali Alfredo Enchiladas I’m sharing today.

But that’s not all! Chuck E. Cheese’s now offers a selection of wines, adding to the overall dining experience.

Pasta al Limone

In the coming year, I’ll be sharing more about Chuck E. Cheese’s and why you should give it another try. Even my initially skeptical husband was won over by the pizza’s transformation; they even outperformed Pizza Hut in a blind taste test.

I’ll also introduce you to some of the exciting nationwide initiatives Chuck E. Cheese’s is rolling out. One that excites me the most is their new Play Pass, replacing the traditional tokens. Let’s be honest; kids have a tough time keeping track of tokens. The Play Pass comes with a convenient wristlet, making the experience even better.

Stay tuned for great deals and promotions, and please do visit to try the pizza and let me know your thoughts. For example, until the end of October, if your child visits Chuck E. Cheese’s in their Halloween costume, they’ll receive 50 free tickets. Additionally, check out their weekday $5.99 lunch buffet. To stay updated on fantastic C.E.C. deals, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While you eagerly await the opportunity to savor the new Cali Alfredo Pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s, you can whip up these quick and scrumptious Cali Alfredo Enchiladas. They come together effortlessly, offering a rich and satisfying meal. They are also a great make-ahead option for a hassle-free dinner prep.

In a casserole dish, these Cali Alfredo Enchiladas feature a luscious layer of melted cheese, adorned with spinach. Enjoy!

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