Stuffed Taco Chicken Recipe

This Stuffed Taco Chicken recipe offers a quick and delicious dinner option, ready in just 30 minutes, and bursting with cheesy goodness. I’m thrilled to partner with Gold’n Plump to present this extraordinary chicken dinner idea!

In a cast iron skillet, the Stuffed Taco Chicken is adorned with a melty cheese topping, olives, and finely minced jalapenos.

Summer is passing by swiftly, and it’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the season. As summer began, I felt overwhelmed with all three kids at home. I’m sure I’m not the only parent wondering how such little beings can consume so much food and have boundless energy. And the constant chatter – oh, my!

In a cast iron skillet, three Stuffed Taco Chickens are perfectly cooked with melted cheddar cheese, black olives, and minced jalapenos.

However, my perspective has shifted. Now, I’m feeling more sentimental and mushy. I wish the sweet summer days could stretch on forever. I want to savor those sticky, sun-kissed cheeks in the sweltering summer heat for eternity!

The Stuffed Taco Chicken is sliced in half to reveal the oozing cheesy goodness.

Of course, ask me again tomorrow, and I might be ready to enroll them in a circus. They’d fit right in.

A photo collage demonstrates how to prepare the Stuffed Taco Chicken: mixing cheese, cream cheese, and taco seasoning, butterflying the chicken breast, and filling it with dollops of the mixture.

With the new school year approaching, I’m already preparing a list of quick and easy dinner recipes that will please the whole family. This Stuffed Taco Chicken, made with Gold’n Plump Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets, is a definite addition.

It comes together rapidly, is incredibly simple to make, and bursts with flavor. Using Gold’n Plump chicken breasts ensures perfect results every time. I adore Gold’n Plump products not only because their chickens are raised without antibiotics and certified by the American Humane Certified farm program but also because their chicken is consistently tender and succulent, making it a delightful centerpiece for any meal.

On a white plate, the Stuffed Taco Chicken is garnished with melted cheese, olives, and minced jalapenos, accompanied by sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and rice.

To start, combine cream cheese, taco seasoning (whether homemade or store-bought), and a bit of shredded cheddar. Cut the chicken breasts in half, stuff them with the taco cheese mixture, and secure them with toothpicks. A quick sear in the pan, a dollop of salsa, more cheese, a brief oven bake, and you have a delectable dinner! Pair it with Spanish rice for a well-rounded meal that will leave everyone content. Who can resist a meal like this in under 30 minutes?

On a white plate, the Stuffed Taco Chicken is garnished with melted cheese, olives, and minced jalapenos, served with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and rice.

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