Delicious Soba Noodle Steak Salad Recipe

Introducing our Soba Noodle Steak Salad, a delectable dish that’s ready in under 30 minutes, bursting with flavor, and suitable for family dinners or meal prepping for the week. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Wisconsin Beef Council to bring you this healthy and delightful beef recipe!

Growing up, I followed a vegetarian diet, and my family didn’t start consuming meat until I was in middle or high school, and even then, it wasn’t beef. My first encounter with steak didn’t happen until college when I began dating Nathan.

Sharing this story because, like me, many of you may find cooking steak, particularly, a bit daunting. But don’t worry; we’ll navigate the world of steak cooking together!

Let’s kick things off with a valuable piece of knowledge: there are numerous myths about the nutritional aspects of beef. Incorporating lean beef into your monthly meal plan is an excellent source of iron and protein. A 3-ounce serving of Top Sirloin, which I’ve used in this recipe, contains approximately 150 calories, 5 grams of fat, and a whopping 26 grams of protein. So, preparing a one-pound steak for four meals, as in this salad, is a fantastic idea.

Recently, I had the privilege of joining a trip with the beef councils from Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan, where I learned a great deal about beef. Even though I’m a novice in the world of beef cooking, I’m rapidly gaining confidence. Here are a few tips I’d like to share:

  • Can’t find the specific cut of meat a recipe calls for? Visit THIS LINK for a list of different names for various cuts, helping you locate the cut your local store carries.

  • When slicing the meat after grilling, observe the direction of the meat’s lines. In the photo above, you can see that they mainly run from top to bottom. Therefore, you should cut against the grain, so the meat easily falls apart as you enjoy it.

  • When grilling your meat, use tongs to flip it, rather than piercing it. Piercing it releases many of the meat’s juices, which you want to retain.

Now, regarding the delicious Soba Noodle Steak Salad itself. This dish is truly exceptional. The cut of meat used is naturally tender, so marination is primarily for infusing flavor rather than tenderizing. Once it’s out of the marinade, you pat it dry before grilling, ensuring all the flavors are locked in.

The steak, infused with its delectable marinade, the vibrant veggies, and the soba noodles, all come together under a light, Asian-inspired vinaigrette. It’s a wonderfully light and satisfying option for a weeknight BBQ or to prepare for your week’s lunches. I’ve already enjoyed it twice!

Stay connected with the Wisconsin Beef Council on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and visit their website for more recipe inspiration. If you’re in the mood for more soba noodle steak salad recipes or sumptuous steak salads, click here and here for a variety of options.

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