Oven Fried Fish recipe Enjoy a Smoky Flavor Without the Fuss

Spring has arrived in Wisconsin, and that means it’s time for Friday night Fish Fries! Many Wisconsinites look forward to this tradition, but sometimes the thought of the lingering smoky smell can deter you from having a fish fry at home. Fret not, as we present our Oven Fried Fish recipe, which offers the delicious taste of a fish fry without the grease. When served alongside a spicy chipotle horseradish sauce and perfectly oven-roasted asparagus, this baked fish becomes an elegant addition to your Easter table.

We are excited to collaborate with Sutter Home, and their crisp sweet Riesling perfectly complements this recipe. Pairing Sutter Home’s Riesling with the zesty chipotle sauce and delectable oven-fried fish creates the ideal #SweetOnSpice combination.

In Wisconsin, this time of year signifies the end of a harsh, freezing winter and the promise of warmer days. It’s also the season for Fish Fry! Wisconsin is renowned for its restaurants and supper clubs that offer exceptional fish fries, with many online lists guiding you to the best spots in the Milwaukee area.

As spring approaches, you might find yourself in one of two scenarios. You either forget about the fish fry season until Easter morning when your kids are hunting for eggs, or you remember to go out for a fish fry, enjoy the delicious meal, but come home feeling heavy and greasy. Neither option is ideal.

This year, we have your back with an Oven-Baked Fish recipe that fulfills your fish fry cravings while also being a perfect addition to a holiday meal. Place it on your Easter table alongside oven-roasted asparagus and a bottle of Sutter Home’s Riesling, and be ready for the delighted reactions from your Easter guests.

I’m smitten with Sutter Home’s Riesling. It strikes a delightful balance between sweetness and crispness, making it a versatile choice for sipping on the patio on a warm day or while you’re busy with dinner preparations. This lush white wine with fruity notes pairs perfectly with many dishes, especially when enjoyed with our baked fish and chipotle horseradish sauce. The wine’s sweetness beautifully complements the spiciness of the sauce.

How to Prepare Oven-Baked Fish

Our recipe employs a homemade breading that allows for plenty of flavor experimentation. You’ll coat the bread with melted butter and then toast it in the oven, resulting in a fish coating reminiscent of a fish fry without the deep-frying.

  1. Start by tearing up pieces of hearty white bread and combine them with melted butter in a food processor to create your own breading. Bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes.
  2. While the breading bakes, set up your breading stations: one pie plate with flour, one with an egg mixture, and another for your breading mix.
  3. Once the breading mix is ready, pop the asparagus in the oven while you prep your fish.
  4. Dip the fish in the flour, followed by the egg mixture, and then the breading mix.
  5. While your fish is cooking, whip up the chipotle horseradish sauce. The smoky heat of the chipotle peppers combined with the tang of horseradish creates an incredible sauce.

Tips for Perfecting Your Oven Fried Fish recipe

  1. You can make the breading mix up to three days in advance, saving time if you’re entertaining with this recipe.
  2. Purchase your fish from the supermarket’s fish counter; it’s often priced similarly to frozen fish and eliminates the need for thawing at home.
  3. Aim for similarly sized fish pieces, about 1 inch thick, to ensure even cooking and prevent overcooking.
  4. Work with two or more pieces of fish at a time to minimize trips to the sink to wash off the breading mixture.
  5. Bake your fish on a greased wire rack to allow air circulation and achieve a crispy texture.
  6. Feel free to experiment with the recipe – omit parsley from the breading mix if you’re not a fan, or add a tablespoon of horseradish sauce to the egg mixture for an extra kick.

Serve your oven-baked fish with asparagus and a squeeze of fresh lemon for a delightful meal. For more fantastic #SweetonSpice pairings, follow Sutter Home Wines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Elevate it to a holiday-worthy dish by pairing it with oven fried fish recipe and a bottle of Sutter Home’s Riesling. Whether it’s for a weeknight dinner or a special occasion, this meal is sure to impress.

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