Lettuce Wraps for Kids with Yummy Dino Buddies

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Yummy Dino Buddies, although the opinions expressed are solely mine. Encourage your children to have fun with their food by trying these delightful Lettuce Wraps for Kids featuring Yummy Dino Buddies. It’s a meal that will quickly become their new lunchtime favorite.

An entire piece of crisp iceberg lettuce serves as a captivating backdrop for a prehistoric scene crafted from vegetables and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

Dealing with Picky Eaters

For the longest time, we believed that Piper was simply a picky eater. Mealtime with her has been a continuous challenge. However, in the past year, we’ve had a realization – Piper is picky but in a food-loving way!

Guiding a Picky Eater

We’ve gathered valuable insights on how to handle a child who may come across as picky:

  1. Variety Is Key: Feeding Piper the same dishes consistently doesn’t work, unlike with our other kids, especially when it comes to packed lunches. While our oldest can subsist on PB & J sandwiches, Piper craves variety.
  2. DIY Approach: Involving her in preparing her own meals sparks her interest in eating. This is especially effective when she can sample the ingredients as she goes.
  3. Encourage Playfulness: We’ve found that being more relaxed and allowing her to play with her food is a big help. This could entail letting her assemble unconventional combinations or even engaging in a little culinary play.

These Lettuce Wraps made with Yummy Dino Buddies perfectly align with all these strategies.

A bird’s-eye view reveals the ingredients for these kid-friendly lettuce wraps on a cutting board, with Dinosaur chicken nuggets on a baking tray nearby.

The fact that Piper gets excited about this meal brings me immense joy. What’s more, the Dino Buddies are packed with protein and Omega-3s, making it a stellar choice. These nuggets are crafted from all-white meat chicken breasts, making them the cornerstone of a well-balanced meal for her.

A little girl happily holds a box of Yummy Dino Buddies.

Lettuce Wraps for Kids Ingredients

The concept behind these lettuce wraps is to empower kids to unleash their creativity in constructing an entire scene with their Dino Buddies.

Here are some straightforward suggestions for creating grass, trees, and “paint,” but the possibilities are endless:

  1. Iceberg Lettuce Leaves for the wrap and backdrop.
  2. Carrot Sticks and Celery for tree trunks.
  3. Red Cabbage for the vibrant grass, adding a fun color to entice them to try something new.
  4. Spinach Leaves for tree foliage.
  5. BBQ Sauce, thick teriyaki sauce, or ketchup applied with a clean paintbrush to adorn the sky. My daughters also enjoyed painting their dinosaurs.

Two young girls playfully interact with their food before digging into their lunch.

Dinner in a Hurry

These lettuce wraps also make for a quick dinner solution! Dino Buddies are freezer-friendly and can be swiftly prepared in either the oven or the microwave. What’s more, they are 100% natural, offering peace of mind.

Three lettuce wraps assembled with dinosaur chicken nuggets, along with a box of Yummy Dino Buddies in the background.

A young girl in a charming black dress savors a lettuce wrap designed for kids.

We find it convenient to serve them to our children with a side of sliced veggies before we embark on date night or during those times when I’ve grown weary of cooking for the week.

Be sure to connect with Dino Buddies on Facebook and Instagram to explore the imaginative ways kids are incorporating these dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets into their meals. You can also discover where to purchase them.

Lettuce Wraps for Kids showcasing dinosaur chicken nuggets, cabbage, spinach leaves, and carrot pieces, all artfully presented on a crisp iceberg lettuce leaf.

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