Champagne Moscow Mule – A Refreshing Twist

Indulge in the delightful blend of flavors with this Champagne Moscow Mule. If you’re torn between your love for champagne and your favorite cocktail, fret not. This elegant concoction strikes the perfect balance.

Looking for the classic Moscow Mule? Don’t miss out on my Original Moscow Mule recipe!

I have to confess, when I first contemplated this concoction, I almost christened it the “Champagne Moscow Moms.” It could either be a fantastic book club name or a clear sign that this mom urgently needs a break with a glass of this Moscow Mule-inspired bubbly.

So, what exactly is a Moscow Mule? I have an unabating fondness for Moscow Mules, and I just can’t resist savoring them or experimenting with variations. For a comprehensive guide to Moscow Mules, I recommend delving into my notes on the Original Moscow Mule recipe. In a nutshell, a Moscow Mule is a chilled beverage, typically served in a copper mug, comprising vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.

Now, let’s delve into the Champagne Moscow Mule. To transform the classic Moscow Mule into a sublime champagne cocktail, I tweaked the flavors a bit and concocted this extraordinary fusion. With this cocktail, you can relish the effervescence of champagne in a fancy flute while savoring the essence of a Moscow Mule. It’s an impeccable fusion.

Ingredients for Champagne Moscow Mule

This champagne cocktail demands a tad more ingredients than my typical concoctions, but the exquisite taste justifies the extra effort.

  1. Lime juice: Opt for freshly squeezed, but bottled juice can suffice in a pinch.
  2. Simple syrup: I prefer making my own, as it’s a breeze, but store-bought is a convenient alternative.
  3. Vodka: Invest in a quality vodka, as subpar choices can mar the cocktail.
  4. Champagne: No need to splurge, but ensure it’s a brand you’d enjoy on its own.
  5. Ginger Ale: The added sweetness of ginger ale serves as the ideal substitute for ginger beer in this recipe.

Instructions to Craft Champagne Moscow Mules

The preparation is straightforward, and the recipe card yields two cocktails, though scaling up is a breeze. (P.S., if you click on the serving size in the recipe card, you can adjust the number of cocktails to your liking.)

  1. Fill a metal shaker with ice (metal ensures an extra-chilly drink).
  2. Add vodka, simple syrup, and lime juice to the shaker. Shake vigorously to combine.
  3. Strain the mixture into champagne flutes.
  4. Top up with champagne and ginger ale.
  5. Garnish with lime wedges and mint.

Variations to Explore

Why stop at Champagne Moscow Mules? The world of Moscow Mule variations is an exciting one. Here are a few more ideas to tantalize your taste buds:

  1. Tropical Moscow Mules
  2. Frozen Moscow Mules
  3. Cherry Moscow Mules
  4. Jalapeno Moscow Mule
  5. Moscow Mule with Gin

I’m constantly brainstorming new Moscow Mule variations, and the possibilities are virtually endless. If you decide to whip up a batch of these, please drop by the comments section and share your thoughts!

Savor the elegance of two Champagne Moscow Mule, impeccably garnished with mint and lime wedges, in stemless champagne flutes.

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