The easiest thanksgiving menu: An Effortless Thanksgiving Feast

Planning a The easiest thanksgiving menu has never been simpler. We’ve curated a menu filled with recipes that require minimal hands-on effort, allowing you more time to enjoy the company of your guests. Despite the ease of preparation, rest assured that every dish on this menu is bursting with flavor.

Easy Turkey Delight

Introducing the star of the show, Jennie-O’s Oven Ready Turkey. This turkey is the epitome of convenience as it goes straight from the freezer to the oven with minimal preparation. Remove it from the outer bag, set aside the included gravy (yes, it comes with gravy!), create a few holes in the bag, and slide it into the oven. The turkey cooks right in the bag, is pre-seasoned, and delivers a mouthwatering, moist turkey that will impress your guests. If the idea of preparing a turkey from scratch daunts you, this is the ideal solution.

Sides to Savor

No the easiest thanksgiving menu is complete without exceptional sides. Even if you’re hosting a smaller gathering, the Oven Ready Turkey Breast offers the same fantastic taste with minimal effort. Check out our Turkey Noodle Casserole recipe for a delightful way to use Thanksgiving leftovers.

Simple Cranberry Sauce

Crafting an excellent cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving is as easy as 1-2-3. With only three ingredients, this Easy Cranberry Sauce recipe is a must-have for your Thanksgiving spread. Enhanced with a touch of orange juice, it packs an extra punch of flavor and can even be supervised by one of your junior chefs.

Italian Roasted Smashed Potatoes

While mashed potatoes are a classic, these Italian Roasted Smashed Potatoes elevate the dish to new heights. Loaded with garlic, butter, and cheese, they are seasoned to perfection. Minimal hands-on time means these roasted potatoes are a perfect side for any occasion, not just Thanksgiving.

Quick and Easy Biscuits

No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without biscuits, and our Fast Easy Biscuits are the perfect addition. These biscuits are not only scrumptious but also a breeze to prepare. They will become your go-to biscuit recipe for any meal.

With these four delightful recipes, hosting Thanksgiving has never been easier. You’ll have more time to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

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